Quinton Dermo Action Skin Spray

Quinton Dermo Action Skin Spray

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Quinton Dermo Action Skin Spray is specially designed for skincare. It is suitable for dry skin, itchiness, mild skin rashes.


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  • The spray of 79 marine minerals and trace elements at 2.3 osmolarity helps with skin hydration.
  • Use on a daily basis to help protect the skin against damaging effects of sun, pollution and environment. 
  • Relieves sun burn
  • Helps wound healing

First use, twist the Nozzle (white ring)  to break the seal Align the arrows to “OPEN” position Spray over the affected area

Wipe the excess liquid in the affected area with a sterile gauze Spray a second time and let it dry Twist the Nozzle to “CLOSE” position

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