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May 05, 2021 / By PinKee Lam / in Health News

This is especially important during this time of COVID19 with Lock Downs, Work from Home (WFH), Movement Control Order (MCO), Curfews, etc. 

We all need to keep our energy up. 

We need to do the following: 

1. Manage your Stress – allocate time to work and time to rest and stick to this routine. 
2. Prioritize and Lighten workload – not work round the clock especially when working from home (see point 1 above) 
3. Exercise – do simple exercise even at home e.g., Follow a home exercise program on video. 
4. Avoid Smoking 
5. Get a good night’s sleep – try to manage 7 – 9 hours if you can (adults) 
6. Eat for energy – make wise choice of food, reduce refined food and sugar. Ensure to have vegetables and fruits at every meal. 
7. Limit alcohol – if you must drink, keep to one glass per seating, and not more than 3 times per week. 
8. Drink Plenty of water – target 2.7 liters (women) and 3.7 liters (men) a day 

Adapted from various sources including: 
https://www.health.harvard.edu/ |